Something New Is Brewing In Lyman, SC

Something’s growing in Lyman, and it’s not just the small business community! Botanical Brew is a brand-new plant store and coffeeshop combo that opened at 40B Groce Rd, Lyman on October 1st, 2020, and you’re getting the [coffee] scoop here first!

Botanical Brew features a full menu of caffeinated drinks available by curbside or in-shop pick-up; plants of all sizes, styles, and environments; and the coziest vintage seating nestled in a photogenic setting.

Picture: Velvet sofas, mismatched armchairs, rattan and wicker chairs, and local art– all nestled between a jungle of plants that you can take home. (Very inspiring for planning your personal home decor.)

Botanical Brew offers a traditional coffeeshop menu of drip coffee, iced coffee, hot and iced espresso drinks (think lattes, cappuccinos, and americanos,) as well as a few unique specials. The shop brews locally-roasted beans from Junto Coffee, (232 Mill St, Taylors.)

Customize your drink order with milk alternatives (oat or almond,) or a variety of flavor syrups, such as lavender, white mocha, butterscotch, vanilla, and pumpkin spice. Seasonal drinks include Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Spiced Caramel Apple Lattes.

Maybe you’re not the biggest fan of coffee… Try a Botanical Soda, which are like bubbly “mocktails.” Caffeine-free varieties include Monstera Mint Mojito, Palm Tree Colada, and Blood Orange Spritz. The Blue Lagoon (pictured above) is both pretty and packs an energy punch, made with a berry medley and natural caffeine from green coffee. Even more flavor specials are coming to the menu soon…

Order your coffee in-person at Botanical Brew, or mobile-order and pick-up curbside with Odeko App.

After your coffee, search for a new plant– or two, or three. Botanical Brew has large, statement plants such as Monsteras and ferns, hanging vines such as Pothos, cacti of all sizes and varieties, whimsical plants such as “String of Dolphins,” and more. Are there any Fiddle Leaf Fig fans reading? Find figs of all heights and fullness, including both tree and bush varieties of FLF.

In addition, local art and stationary lines the walls and shelves. Make a friend’s day with the perfect housewarming card and plant!

After their first week of customers, the coffee and plant store expanded their hours. Sip and shop 12PM-6PM Mondays, 6AM-6PM Tuesdays through Fridays, and 8AM-12PM Saturdays. Find Botanical Brew on Facebook and Instagram, (@botanicalbrewsc.)

Botanical Brew is right on the edge of the Town of Lyman’s downtown, comfortably between a local artist’s studio and Trading Pages Bookstore (new and used books.) So, find a new book and plant baby, then snuggle up in your statement chair of choice with a latte. Cheers!